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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    How long will the process take?

    For a standard re-sand and polyurethane job we recommend allowing 3 to 4 days. This time allows for the drying times between coats. If any staining, blonding or repairs are required extra time may be required.

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    How soon after the floor sanding process is completed can I walk on the floor?

    You'll be able to walk on the floors 24 hours after the last coat is applied. We recommend removing shoes and wearing only socks or bare feet as the polyurethane does take 4 to 5 days to fully cure (85%). We also recommend that you trim your dogs claws and wait 5 days if possible before allowing the dog back on the floor.

  • 3
    How soon can I move back in?
    1. For Waterborne Polyurethane, 24 hours after the last Coat has been applied
    2. For Moisture cured (see below)

    If you choose for the application of moisture cured polyurethane (solvent based), then it is recommended that you stay elsewhere for the duration of the process. The solvent is toxic and the drying process gives off Formaldehyde fumes. Re-entry to the house can be 24 hours after the application of the last coat; We would recommend that windows and doors are left open to vent the house of fumes. If you or any of your family suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms this option would not be recommended. If a water based polyurethane is selected and applied then you may stay in the house while we carry out the work or move back in the day after we apply the last coat.

    Sanding and Polyurethaning your floors is an industrial process and we need to mitigate risk. If you choose to stay in the house, then for your safety please do not enter the work area.
    This process also produces noise between 85 to 97 decibels. Therefore we wear earmuffs and dust masks. If you choose to wear suitable industrial appropriate earmuffs and dust masks, then you may stay in the house.

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    How soon can I put my furniture back on the floor?

    We recommend 5 to 7 days (depending on the weather).

  • 5
    Will any damage occur to the skirting boards?

    As we sand right up against the skirting boards during the floor sanding process, in some circumstances you could find scuff marks along the bottom of the skirting’s. We also need to polyurethane right up against them so some polyurethane will be found along the bottom of the skirting.

  • 6
    Will there be much dust around?

    Our process is 90% dust free. While all the machines are fitted with vacuum systems some airborne dust is still produced, however this is minimal.

  • 7
    Can I live in the house while the work is being carried out?

    We strongly recommend that you find alternative accommodation during the floor sanding and polyurethaning process. Moisture cured polyurethane, produces strong toxic fumes during the application and curing (drying) process, however it is possible to stay in the house if a waterbased polyurethane is applied.

  • 8
    How long will the smell of moisture cured polyurethane hang around?

    Generally 3 to 4 days. It varies from house to house and depending on what the weather conditions are.

  • 9
    What about pets? Can they be left at the house?

    As with yourself, we recommend taking pets with you while the work is being completed on your floors. We recommend that you trim your dogs claws and wait 5 days if possible (3 weeks recommended) before allowing the dog back on the floor.
    Please Note: Post the Sanding and Polyurethaning process Endless Flooring will not accept liability for any scratches or damage to the floor, caused by your animals or pets.

  • 10
    Can you move my Gas stove, Dishwasher and Fridge?

    Please be aware that Endless Flooring can not by Law remove or replace any Gas appliance including Gas stoves
    It is assumed that unless you (the customer) remove other items like Fridges or Dish washers, and you wish to have them stay in place then Endless Flooring staff will do the best they can, working as close to theses appliances as possible. No responsibility will be accepted for any minor marking or damage that might occur.

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    What is the best way to clean my floor?

    Please view the following videos – covers all the bases.
    Select the links below.

    5 Steps for the aftercare of wood floors
    Cleaning and aftercare of wood floors | Pallmann Clean and Go kit
    How to Care for Oiled wood floors | Pallmann Magic Oil Care Art of Clean
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    What can I expect when getting my timber floors sanded and coated?

    Please read the PDF which outlines the reasonable expectations from the processes involved.
    Select the link below to view this document.
    Owner Expectations for Completed Floors

  • 13
    Why do you use Pallmann Products?

    Pallmann products are made in Germany, with over 100 years of experience in surface finishing and renovation of wood floors. Their passion for craftsmanship ensures they create the best products when it comes to restoring wooden flooring, this then allows us to give you the best result possible when doing our work for you.
    Check out some of the work done worldwide with Pallmann Products and you will see why they are the best and why we choose to use them.
    Please read the PDF to find out more about Pallmann.
    Select the link below to view this document.
    Pallmann Reference Book